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It is, of course, critical that you receive proper instruction from a certified professional and use safe equipment. We offer a complete one (1) day training in the Sauk Rapids area, weather permitting.

Ram air parachutes or powered parachutes generally require a two (2) hour training before you are able to solo for your first flight. That is because the simplicity of the design and the trike format. Paragliding to achieve a P2 rating generally takes between 5-10 days instruction from a certified instructor. There is a significant amount of time and hours involved in jumping off of mountains, etc. There are many techniques required with paragliding to make flying safe in order for you to safety participate in that sport.

Powered backpacks require approximately a three to five day training course, as a general rule, in the United States. Since there are many techniques that Paragliders need to learn, they are able to compact and train a backpack foot launcher in that  period.

Paratrike significantly shortens that training time because there are many techniques, such as reverse launching kiting techniques for paragliding that will never be used in a Paratrike. You will always be using a forward launch technique in the Paratrike, allowing the motor and the power to properly inflate your wing for takeoff.

The professionals that Paratrike utilizes for training have the option to allow a student to fly if they feel they are ready, or deem that more instruction is necessary. Occasionally, a student is not allowed to fly and instructed to take a 5-10 day training course before attempting to fly. This is rarely the case, but the trainers that Paratrike utilizes believe in safety. We are not here to rapidly increase our bottom line, but to create a safe environment for new and future pilots.

Paratrike can help you arrange training by professionals. Should you purchase a unit from Paratrike, your training may be included in the price of the trike. Group discounts do apply, and generally the cost of the training is applied towards the purchase of a Paratrike.

PO Box 7663 / St Cloud MN 56302

Email: leon@paratrike.com

320-259-6411   Cell 320 260 1767

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